Rjukan: Day Six

Feeling refreshed this morning after a relaxed day, a long sauna session and an enormous meal yesterday, we headed down into the depths of the upper gorge to tick the classic Rjukanfossen. We’d been led to believe that the approach involved multiple abseils, but in reality it’s a cruisy slope of fifty-degree névé at the […]

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Rjukan: Day Two

Matt, Caspian and I headed into the atmospheric Upper Gorge this morning for a rad day of classic-hunting. Ed opted for a day of folding bedsheets at the hostel because he’s a chopper because he took a fall yesterday due to a poorly-fitted crampon and sprained his ankle in the process. Climbing as a three […]

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REVIEW: ‘Feral: Rewilding the Land, Sea and Human Life’

For many, ‘environmentalism’ is a word with undesirable connotations. The mindful responsibility its proponents sought has been tarnished by the stigma of radical environmental groups and its followers branded ageing hippies. Worse still, even more of us don’t really know what environmentalism really means. The confusion, it seems, arises from the fact that the movement […]

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