Winter Roundup

True to form, I’ve been nowhere near proactive enough with updating this blog… I’d had grand dreams of being able to provide detailed accounts of nearly all my days out on the hill over the winter season, but I realise now that that would be ludicrously time consuming and also quite dull (for you and […]

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London to Lochnagar

The day after I got off the Ben with Caspian, I sat on the Megabus for 14 hours, travelling down to London to be with Julia for Valentine’s Day. It was a pretty testing journey, but it was nice to be back in a place with seemingly endless sources of entertainment and a well-developed public […]

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Heading North!

Last Sunday I made the mammoth drive up to Aviemore to spend the next two months living in the highlands, making the most of the winter climbing season. Aviemore is a prime location from which to get out into the mountains – 10 minutes drive from the Northern Corries of the Cairngorms, good access to […]

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