I arrive back in Chamonix at the start of October, practically frothing at the mouth at the prospect of being back in the mountains. I message everyone I know in the valley to find a partner, but no-one bites. Instead, I spend a frustrating day driving up and down the valley, scoping out conditions on […]

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The Spark

As I pour yet another cup of coffee and watch the clock inch inexorably closer to our arranged meeting time, my mind is a violent maelstrom of excuses. ‘Tell them you’ve got a last minute phone interview for a job!’ ‘How about you say you’ve lost your lift pass?’ ‘Claim you’ll slow them down too […]

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Ecrins Excursion

The last month or so hasn’t involved a whole lot of climbing. I’ve had a pretty indulgent time visiting Julia and my family, lounging by a pool in Turkey catching up on some reading and trying to sort out my stubborn alpinist tan lines. After a while, I was itching to get back to Chamonix […]

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Walking the Walk

“Experienced, comfortable leading IV and looking to push grade, try some Vs!”, the text had read. But the person on the other end of the rope had just spent nearly an hour lacing a 30m grade II gully with gear, after asking me to lead the grade IV crux icefall for them. They were repeatedly […]

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Surviving an Alpine Heatwave

The meteorological theme for mid June was changeable weather: fair and sunny in the morning would give way to heavy cloud and storms in the afternoon. It helps your sense of urgency if every time you look outwards from a stance you see a wall of weather advancing towards you. After a couple of weeks, though, […]

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South Ridge, Aiguille de Moine

The alarm goes off like a bomb. Jack and I bolt upwards, out of the blankets and head downstairs, rubbing our eyes. The hut is a ghost-town this early, with everyone having seen the forecast and decided to sleep in. For better or for worse, we saw the forecast and figured we’d get amongst it […]

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Winter Roundup

True to form, I’ve been nowhere near proactive enough with updating this blog… I’d had grand dreams of being able to provide detailed accounts of nearly all my days out on the hill over the winter season, but I realise now that that would be ludicrously time consuming and also quite dull (for you and […]

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